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B i o g r a p h y


Virtuoso Pianist | Australian Jazz Pianist | Boogie Woogie Pianist | Classical Pianist


Andrew Farrell (The Wizard) )  - is a famous Australian pianist, singer, songwriter. He is widely acknowledged as a versatile  virtuoso pianist with great and unique technical and  improvisation skills. His wide range of skills include performing as an Australian jazz pianist, classical pianist and boogie woogie.


Andrew was born in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia. Being born with perfect pitch,  Andrew learned to play piano by ear from his parents records and the radio .  At the age of seven he started formal piano lessons. He studied classical music until the age of sixteen, also experimenting with boogie woogie and other music styles. Andrew developed a very fast playing style without losing accuracy and from the age of sixteen he began playing in bars and clubs as a solo pianist. 


In 1987 Andrew met the  guitarist and singer David McMillan on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, where they were both  playing solo gigs.

Soon after,  they started performing together as "Wizard and Oz".  With their passionate, soulful performances, incredibly diverse repertoire, outstanding vocals and entertaining power they became  absolute stars on the Australian live music scene. 


Since 1999 Andrew Farrell (the Wizard) has been touring regualry around Australia and overseas, performing  in major jazz/blues festivals,  venues and concert halls, including 

Noosa Jazz festival, Wagga Wagga Jazz & Blues Festival, Merimbula Jazz Festival, Goulburn Blues Festival, Broadbeach Blues Festival, Echuca Blues Festival,  Paynesvill Music Festival and many others.

New Zealand:  Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues festival, Tauranga Jazz & Blues festival, Rotorua Blues festival etc.

Canada: Halifaz Blues festival, St John Blues festival


Over the years this phenomally gifted artist has developed a stunningly unique piano style,  where he often  combines classical elements with jazz, boogie-woogie and blues.  He then synthesizes these into a very personal and engaging musical composition.  Andrew cleverly quotes from other songs and makes them a natural part of his improvisation. These performances are always dramatic, joyous and pyrotechnic.


The Wizard regulary plays anywhere from Tasmania to Queensland and New Zealand, so check out the gig guides on this website to discover for yourself why so many follow the Wizard down his yellow brick road.


Don't miss Andrew Farrell's (the Wizard) show,  for you never know what musical wizardy you will witness!









    “Piano virtuosity – Stunning vocals – a great night’s entertainment not to be         missed “ Gillian and David Helfgott 


"A performer of great humility, eschewing accolades, letting his music and performance speak for itself.  

Few pianists truly use all 88 keys, however Andrew uses them all, fingers gliding with ease and providing a depth and texture with the whole spectrum of musical colour, his brilliant use of vocals perfectly completing the performance.

By the time you've heard his repertoire you'll be amazed, virtually transported to another world." Weekend Notes Sunshine Coast


“Imagine taking equal parts Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Baker, Tom Jones, Liberace and Winifred Atwell, add a good glug of pizazz and pour on stage, he is mindnumbingly spectacular “.  Inverloch Jazz Festival

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